A tiny MIDI Processor app that sits between a MIDI Controller and DAW software

all-keys sensitivity module black-keys sensitivity module sustain pedal module
Adjust MIDI Controller for your needs
Change all keys sensitivity, equalize black keys sensitivity, or change the sustain pedal polarity.
velocity-switch-channel module keyboard-split module
Get a bit of a musical assistance
Turn a monophonic tune into the rich song and make your music stick to the scale.
velocity-switch-channel module keyboard-split module
Play two instruments on the same piano keyboard
Send notes to another channel by playing them harder or simply split the keyboard into two.
volca bass module volca fm module
Power-up your Volcas!
Play chords on Volca Bass and bring velocity sensitivity to Volca FM.
*Korg, Volca Bass, and Volca FM are trademarks of Korg Inc.
beat clock module clock divider module
Nail the tempo!
Set tempo with a MIDI Beat Clock module or slow it down with a Clock Divider.
transpose module compresspr module channel-remap module
Go creative with more modules
Transpose, compress, or remap channel for the notes you play.
built-in virtual keyboard
It is just the beginning
Milky will be updated regularly with various improvements, new modules, and more features. We value your feedback! Please consider dropping us a line, using 'Contact us…' menu in the app.
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