Black Keys Sensitivity

Black Keys Sensitivity

Some MIDI Keyboards have an issue when their black (sharp) keys are stiffer than white keys. Manufacturers try to compensate this by making the sensors of these keys more sensitive. What may happen, as a result, is that these keys often generate far stronger velocity values compared to their white neighbor keys. As a result, some notes may sound louder than expected or even harsh. In fact, this behavior was the reason why Milky has been created.


The Black Keys module lets you bulk adjust the sensitivity for all black (sharp) keys. By default, the module does not affect the sharp notes. To decrease or increase the sensitivity for black keys, move the slider to the left or the right.

Note: If your MIDI Controller has the Transpose feature built-in, do not use it because it will confuse the Black Keys module. If you need to shift notes or octaves, use Milky’s Transpose module instead.