Sustain Pedal

Sustain Pedal

Different MIDI Controller manufacturers have historically had a different opinion on how to interpret the electric signal coming from the pedal. Some believe that when the pedal is pressed, the circuit should be closed; others believe that the circuit must be interrupted. It is called a Pedal Polarity. Musicians sometimes end up in an awkward situation when their MIDI Controller and sustain pedal were designed with different polarity in mind.


The Sustain Pedal module can adjust the sustain pedal polarity and set fixed pressed value.

Polarity Mode can be either:

  • None — do not change polarity
  • Invert — invert polarity
  • Auto — automatically detect and adjust polarity

The Auto mode will try to guess the polarity of your sustain pedal, assuming that the initial state of the pedal is non-pressed.

Pressed Value — override the default value (usually 127) with the custom value when the pedal is pressed. It might be useful if your virtual instrument supports half-pedaling, and you want more advanced control over the piano sound.