Volca Bass

Volca Bass


Volca Bass is a hardware-specific module made to extend the capabilities of a Korg Volca Bass synthesizer.

Volca Bass features three VCOs and therefore has three semi-independent voices. They all share the same Envelope Generator and always have the same velocity. This is different from true Polyphony and is called a Paraphony.

Paraphonic Mode can use the capabilities of Volca Bass to let you play up to three semi-independent voices within two octaves at the same time.

  • None — no paraphony is used, Volca Bass will operate in its usual mode.
  • Solo — each note can be semi-independently turned on or off. This mode suits well for solo or arpeggio parts.
  • Chord — once a note is turned on it is added to the chord and will stay until another note replaces it or all notes are released. This mode is useful when playing chords.

For Paraphony to work well, make sure that all three VCOs are enabled: hold the Shift button and touch M3 key on your Volca Bass and see that the LED beneath the key is being lit.

Portamento is a pitch sliding from one note to another. It is enabled in Volca Bass by default and cannot be disabled from the device itself. This setting allows you to disable Portamento in you Volca Bass.
Portamento setting only makes a difference when Paraphonic Mode is set to None.

You might want to add a Channel Remap module and select its Output Channel to the Volca’s receiving channel.

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